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What's New

Summer Institute 2014: Exploring PIAAC Data - Enriching research, supporting practice

Early bird deadline May 1, 2014. How do Aboriginal results from large-scale assessments relate to the real-life learning and training situations faced by individuals? A young Aboriginal woman will talk at the Institute of how she found her way out of abuse and into training and work.

Numeracy in PIAAC

Webinar, Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 1 PM EDT
What role do Adult numeracy and international surveys of adults’ competencies play in educational policy- making? Dr. Jeff Evans, member of the PIAAC Expert Group and Summer Institute 2014 presenter, will present. 

March 2014 Research Scan: Focus on Social Finance

This scan focuses on current and recent research on social finance and Social Impact Bonds (SIB’s), including a report on social finance models that might be used in the field of Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills, a one-year report on the Riker's Island SIB, UK perspectives on structural changes to enable social impact investment, and more.

Making the Business Case for Workplace Essential Skills Training: Evidence from UPSKILL

Webinar, Tuesday, April 22, 2014, 1 PM EDT

Is it worth the investment for employers to provide literacy and essential skills (LES) training to the least skilled in the Canadian workforce? David Gyarmati, SRDC Research Director, will highlight key results from this groundbreaking evaluation.

New to Centre Library: Print Reports from PISA 2009

As we prepare for Summer Institute 2014, where a major focus will be the relationships between PISA and PIAAC, our library has received print copies of OECD PISA reports.

Research study on adult literacy teaching practices: Canadian practitioners invited

Canadian practioners are invited to participate in an online survey for a Center for the Study of Adult Literacy (CSAL) study on the texts and teaching practices used in adult literacy centers. To collect input from practitioners, they are administering an online survey.

Colloque sur la litteratie en santé, April 24, 2014

Executive Director Linda Shohet will give a keynote at a Colloque sur la litteratie en santé on April 24, 2014, at Laval University in Quebec City. The event will be in French.

Problem-Solving in the PIAAC and PISA Surveys, Webinar on March 17, 2014

You can now see the recording and presentation slides of Dr. Art Graesser's webinar presentation on the frameworks for assessing problem-solving skills in the OECD`s PIAAC and PISA Surveys, including collaborative problem-solving in PISA 2015.