Brain Studies and Understanding Reading Disabilities

Renowned neuroscientist Dr Kenneth Pugh, from Yale's Haskins Laboratory, gave a medical grand rounds lecture aimed at medical professionals and a public lecture at the Montreal Children's Hospital on January 29, 2014, to celebrate Family Literacy Day. In the presentation, “Neurobiological Studies of Reading Development and Reading Disability: Understanding reading disabilities and treatments,”  he discussed the relationships between genetics, neurofunction and cognition in young children at risk for RD, treatments, and insights that recent brain studies offer.   Pugh cautioned that neuro-imaging is helping us describe more accurately what happens when reading ability does not develop normally, but we can still not explain why these things happen.


Public Lecture


Medical Grand Rounds Lecture



About the speaker:

Dr. Kenneth Pugh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Connecticut and an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the Yale School of Medicine. He is also the President, Director of Research, and Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, Connecticut, and the Director of the Yale Reading Center. He is a cognitive neuroscientist and experimental psychologist best known for his work on the neural, behavioral and cognitive underpinnings of reading and other cognitive activities.

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