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The Centre for Literacy started this web resource on the concept and practice of social finance in Canada and in other countries in preparation for our 2012 Fall Institute on models of social finance and innovation. As interest continues to grow worldwide, we are adding resources. Through assembling these links, The Centre offers an informed and balanced overview of the evolving theory, practices and debates on issues around social finance. We invite comments and welcome suggestions on other relevant materials.

The Centre de documentation sur l'éducation des adultes et la condition féminine (CDÉACF) has prepared a bibliography of French-language resources on social finance and innovation in adult and workplace education.



These pages deal with the concept of social innovation, and related concepts such as social finance and social enterprise. It also looks at some of the people who have played an important role in the recent development of social finance.



This page offers links to organizations working in different aspects of social innovation and finance.


Projects, Initiatives, and Developments

This page provides links to pages on recent and current developments in the field.


Practical Guides

This page links to practical guides and other resources for those interested in applying the concepts of social innovation and finance.



Some recent and current research includes a preliminary report on the New York City Social Impact Bond and the G8 Task Force for Social Finance Investment. The Social Research and Development Corporation (SRDC) has published reports  focusing on the use of social finance and performance-based funding to support essential skills training and is conducting an evaluation of two pilot projects.


Critiques and Debates

Links to advocacy, critiques and debates related to social finance.








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