Fall Institute 2012: Documents Produced for the Institute


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Can Social Return on Investment for Adult and Community Learning be Measured? Lessons from a British Research Project, by Penny Lamb, Head of Policy Development, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)


Overview of the Massachusetts (MA) Adult Basic Education (ABE) System, by Luanne Teller, Director of the Central Resource Center (CRC), SABES

What does a high-quality adult basic education system look like? The Massachusetts (MA) Adult Basic Education (ABE) System seamlessly connects program design, delivery modes, and effectiveness and quality of resources and personnel to the desired outcomes for undereducated adults in the state. This presentation describes the way the ABE system is designed and managed.


Performance Based Funding for Adult Education Results: Support for What We Value, by Luanne Teller, World Education, Inc.


Uncharted Territory: Can Social Innovation Revitalize Literacy and Essential Skills Programs?, by John McLaughlin and Ron Samson.

How can social innovation and social finance apply to literacy and essential skills programs? In this primer on various forms of social finance and social innovation, authors John McLaughlin and Ron Samson give an overview and examples of various forms, including social entrepreneurship, and of investment instruments such as social impact bonds (SIBs).  


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