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The links collected on these pages offer an introduction to the concept of "Health Literacy," and represent the best efforts of various non-profit, government, and educational agencies to raise awareness of the issue and promote best practices in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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General Information

Health Literacy: Learning is the best medicine
2010 Legacies Now

This video explores the concept of health literacy, its importance to British Columbians and what can be done to make British Columbia a more health literate province.


Health Literacy Fact Sheets
Center for Health Care Strategies, Inc.

A series of nine fact sheets created for those designing patient education materials for people with low literacy skills

Health Literacy: A New Field, New Opportunities - World Education

An online tutorial on health literacy that includes sections on “the health literacy challenge”, successful health literacy strategies and practices and how to apply health literacy concepts.

Health Literacy – We are the 90% [Infographic] - CommunicateHealth

An infographic on the issue of health literacy in the United States.


Improving Americans’ Health Literacy - Harvard School of Public Health\

In this video Rima Rudd discusses how the words we use can confuse people


What is Health Literacy? - Canadian Public Health Association

The CPHA defines health literacy as “the ability to access, understand and act on information for health.”


Podcast on Health Literacy and Cultural Competence - Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre Blog

An interview with The Centre for Literacy’s Executive Director Dr. Linda Shohet on the importance of health literacy in Canada, how cultural realities and differences affect access to health care, and how new communication technologies are forcing us to update our understanding of the ways people consume and use health-related information.


Discussion Lists


Health Literacy Discussion List – IHA Health Literacy

The listserv is free and open to anyone who wishes to subscribe, including professionals in the medical and adult education fields.


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