Community Resource Projects

The Centre for Literacy enjoys close ties with organizations in a number of sectors, and welcomes every opportunity to work with others to coordinate events, projects, research and programs that promote literacy and learning in the community. We favour sustainable initiatives that provide true opportunities for capacity-building among different segments of the community.

Support for Pikwadin Project

Updated February 19, 2014

The First Nations Human Resources Development Commission of Quebec (FNHRDC) commissioned The Centre to select LES documents and resources to support LES training for their learners in four First Nations communities as part of the Pikwadin project.

Understanding the Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) needs of Quebec Anglophone adults

Updated February 19, 2014

This research project is designed to deepen knowledge and understanding of the literacy and essential skills (LES) needs of Anglophone adults living in Quebec as a basis for more effectively serving English-speaking communities across the province.

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