Connecting the Dots was conceived to affect policy and practice related to accountability in the adult literacy field. To reach this goal, the Project recognized that it was important to understand the many facets of accountability practices: history, application, impact and opportunities for improvement. Please click on the links below to read the results of our research and work. examining what is known from the accountability and adult literacy literature, and what is happening in the field across Canada

Literature Review
What do we know about the history and development of government accountability practices? What works best and why? What are the developing trends in accountability and adult literacy?

Field Review
Using a research in practice approach, Project field reviewers interviewed practitioners and funders across Canada to learn the current state of practice as related to accountability and adult literacy.

Provincial and Territorial Profiles
These "snapshots" of each province and territory provide an overview of current information available on-line related to funders, providers and accountability practices for each province and territory.

Symposium: Moving the Conversation Forward
Held in May 2007, this gathering of over 60 funders and practitioners from across the country engaged in a process of learning, reflection and dialogue to identify common ground and obstacles around accountability practices.

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