Before this project was undertaken, a significant number of research studies had been done in Canada and abroad on accountability issues within the literacy field, the broader education field, and other parts of government and the voluntary sector. However, this research and related documents had not been synthesized into a useful format for practitioners and funders.

Likewise, on the ground, we did not have a clear overview of what, or how, accountability measures were actually being applied in the field of adult literacy in Canada. They appeared to range across a continuum from provinces with elaborate and uniform models to provinces and territories still exploring various options.

No one had analyzed these strands (i.e. “connected the dots”) – regarding the nature and scope of the issues related to accountability or possible alternative approaches.

Connecting the Dots: Improving Accountability in the Adult Literacy Field in Canada has set out to map the accountability landscape in a two-year project funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, HRSDC. The Project is providing an opportunity for literacy practitioners and funders to examine the impact of accountability on the adult literacy field across the country and explore new ways of approaching it.

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