Our Top 10 List of how you can participate in Connecting the Dots.

10. Ask your practitioner or funder colleagues to read the Field Review Report and then meet to discuss your responses and comments about the findings.

9. Share your thoughts about the Field Review Report with visitors to this website by starting a new discussion thread in the Discussion Forum.

8. Check-out the literature citations timelines to discover articles or documents that will improve your understanding about accountability and adult literacy.

7. Share your stories of successes and challenges related to accountability practices. Visit Profiles to learn how.

6. Read the interview with Ian Clark and join in the discussion on the Discussion Forum.

5. Visit the website regularly to stay informed of new developments with the Project.

4. Follow the progress of the Action Research Teams as they continue with their projects.

3. Call your funder or your providers and refer them to your favorite part of the website.

2. Download press releases to help us publicize this website and the Project in your organization's newsletter or electronic news.

1. Tell us what you would like to see on the website or ways we could improve it.

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