Connecting the Dots: Interviews

The Challenges of Accountability: An Interview with Ian Clarke

"The purpose of an accountability regime is basically to correct mistakes and to improve performance – to produce better results for taxpayer’s money. But the preoccupation with accountability has a whole lot of people preoccupied with reporting, checking and measuring and gaming the system and not all that many people worrying about the results, about whether we’re going about getting all that much literacy."

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A Consultant's Perspective: An Interview with Brigid Hayes

Brigid Hayes' journey in literacy began in 1989 when she joined the National Literacy Secretariat (now the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills) with HRSDC. For 14 years, she managed the business/labour partnership program and workplace literacy projects. After leaving the NLS, she spent 3 years with the Canadian Labour and Business Centre working on skills issues. Since November 2006, Brigid has been working as a consultant with a variety of clients in the area of strategic planning, policy and program development, evaluation, and knowledge exchange. She is a member of Connecting the Dots' Advisory Committee.

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