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IALSS and Francophone minorities in Canada: Theoretical and historical insights

Research Brief | Published in 2014
Authored by Jean-Pierre Jeantheau

Jean-Pierre Jeantheau (ANCLI, France) did a small research study for the 2013 Summer Institute in Montreal, comparing the experience of linguistic minorities on international literacy surveys in several countries. This summary in English includes the key ideas, findings and recommendations from the longer paper he wrote in French.

International adult skills surveys: Andragogical issues in linguistic minority communities

Institute Document | Published in 2014
Authored by Donald Lurette

The English translation of a report in which adult educator Donald Lurette draws on more than twenty years experience working in literacy and essential skills with Canada’s francophone linguistic minority (i.e. those who live outside Quebec) to look at the limitations of large-scale international skills assessments, including PIAAC, to capture the complex multilingual contexts of official language minority communities.

Youth at risk and the Writers in the Community Program: An exploratory evaluation

Project Documentation | Published in 2014

This report documents a study that aimed to evaluate Writers in the Community (WIC), a community-based literacy project for at-risk youth in Montreal, run in partnership by the Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF) and The Centre for Literacy.

L’EIACA et les minorités francophones au Canada : quelques points de repère théoriques et historiques : rapport sommaire

Research Brief | Published in 2014

Le présent document fournit un sommaire des résultats d’une recherche menée pour le compte du Centre d’alphabétisation dans le cadre de son Institut d’été 2013 « Le Programme international sur l'alphabétisation et les compétences des adultes (PEICA) :
Apprendre du passé, préparer l’avenir ». Ce forum portait entre autres sur les leçons à tirer de l’Enquête internationale sur l’alphabétisation et les compétences des adultes (EIACA) de 2003.

L’EIACA et les minorités francophones au Canada : quelques points de repère théoriques et historiques

Institute Document | Published in 2013

Une étude de Jean-Pierre Jeantheau, chargé de mission national à l'Agence nationale de lutte contre l’illettrisme (ANLCI), préparé dans le cadre de l'Institut d'été 2013 du Centre for Literacy, qui a pour objectif de donner des repères théoriques, pour mieux saisir les rapports complexes des groupes linguistiques minoritaires avec l'écriture, l'interprétation et l'usage de documents.

Les grandes enquêtes internationales sur les compétences des adultes : Des enjeux andragogiques pour les milieux linguistiques minoritaires

Institute Document | Published in 2013
Authored by Donald Lurette

C’est comme andragogue de terrain que Donald Lurette, consultant en andragogie, propose dans ce texte des pistes de réflexion autour des questions d’évaluation des compétences de base pour les adultes vivant en milieu linguistique minoritaire au Canada.

Sharing Knowledge, Unlocking Potential (Sept. 2013)

News from the Centre | Published in 2013

Our newsletter for September 2013, including the latest news on Fall Institute 2013 and the Board of Directors.

IALS and Essential Skills in Canadian Literacy Policy and Practice: A descriptive overview

Institute Document | Published in 2013

This paper, produced for Summer Institute 2013, gathers descriptions on the uses of IALS (and IALSS) and the essential skills framework in policy contexts across Canada. The information was taken from federal, provincial, and territorial governments’ web sites searched between January and March 2013. The final section looks at literacy organizations and their uses of IALS and essential skills.

Meeting Expectations: Measuring the Impacts of Workplace Essential Skills Training

Project Documentation | Published in 2013
Authored by Boris Palameta, David Gyarmati, Norm Leckie, Tharsni Kankesan, Michael Dowie

Measures of Success (MoS), a national research project that designed and tested an evaluation framework to assess the longer-term outcomes of workplace literacy and essential skills initiatives, achieved both some expected and some surprising results. The final report documents the study and includes revised data-collection instruments based on findings and input from key stakeholders..

Répondre aux attentes : comment mesurer l’effet de la formation en ACE dans les entreprises - Sommaire Exécutif

Project Documentation | Published in 2013

Sommaire exécutif du rapport final du projet La mesure du succès

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