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The following are links to pages of links to online resources on various topics related to the work of The Centre for Literacy. To open a documents, click on the heading.

Aboriginal Literacy Links

Includes organizations, libraries, bibliographies and publishers.

Digital Literacy Links

In preparation for Fall Institute 2013 – Interpreting PIAAC Results: Understanding Competencies of the Future, we are providing links to resources on different aspects of "literacy" or "literacies" in the use of digital technologies.

Health Literacy Links

The links collected on these pages present the issue of health literacy and represent some of the best efforts of various non-profit, government, and educational agencies to raise awareness of the issue and promote best practices in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Key Organizations and Agencies

A guide to key literacy agencies and organizations for Quebec, Canada, and various countries

Plain Language Links

The links on this page introduce the concept of Plain Language - one strategy that has been greatly promoted as a means of delivering written health information to patients. Among these links you will find rules for drafting plain language documents, tools to assist you with the writing process, and guides for assessing the readability of documents.

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)

We have organized selected web resources to offer information on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), including results from the most recent survey, released in December 2013, and will continue to add relevant links.

Researching Literacy Online

The links in this section will take you to the most comprehensive databases and sources containing bibliographic references and/or full-text research/documentation on adult literacy and education.

Skills Shortages and Mismatches

This selection of reports and commentaries show the range of the debate about skills mismatch in western economies and particularly the Canadian economy since 2011.

Social Finance and Innovation: Links to relevant resources [Updated March 2014]

The Centre for Literacy started this web resource on the concept and practice of social finance in Canada and in other countries in preparation for our 2012 Fall Institute on models of social finance and innovation. As interest continues to grow worldwide, we are adding resources. Through assembling these links, The Centre offers an informed and balanced overview of the evolving theory, practices and debates on issues around social finance. We invite comments and welcome suggestions on other relevant materials.

Understanding International Findings on Adult Literacy and Skills: from IALS to PIAAC

PIAAC results for Canada and 23 other countries were released in October 2013. Since its 2011 Institute on IALS, The Centre for Literacy has gathered and organized resources that explain the rationale, evolution and impacts of large-scale international literacy surveys. Follow these links to learn more.

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Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills

The following links lead to resources related to the concept of essential skills as well as the theory and practices of workplace literacy and essential skills. We intend to add resources as we find them, and welcome comments and suggestions of relevant resources. Our intention in selecting and assembling these links is to provide an overview of the topic rather than a comprehensive listing.

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