Research Scans

January 2015 research Scan

Published in 2015

Overviews of the 2014 OECD Education at a Glance report on access and qualifications, skill levels and income, and social inequality; the 2014 Canada Jobs Fund for workplace training; articles and reports on "multiliteracies", including digital and visual literacies; a study on how discussion in ESL classes can further social integration of immigrants., and more….

August 2014 Research Scan

Published in 2014

Our August 2014 scan features summaries of a presentation on low-proficiency adult readers in Canada (PIAAC); a report on UPSKILL, a randomized control trial of outcomes of a workplace LES intervention in Canada's accommodations industry; reports on measurement of learning outcomes of adult education programs, and more..

Summer Institute 2014 Research Scan

Published in 2014

This scan was prepared for Summer Institute 2014: Exploring PIAAC Data - Enriching research, supporting practice, and covers research that uses PIAAC and PISA data. Some summaries have appeared in previous scans.

April 2014 Research Scan

Published in 2014

This scan features a current German study that extends the PIAAC assessment to the 66-80 age group, findings from Canadian studies including the Adult Learning and Returns to Training project,the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey, a research article suggesting that cognitive decline begins at age 24, and more.

March 2014 Research Scan: Focus on Social Finance

Published in 2014

This scan focuses on current and recent research on social finance and Social Impact Bonds (SIB’s), including a report on social finance models that might be used in the field of Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills, a one-year report on the Riker's Island SIB, UK perspectives on structural changes to enable social impact investment, and more.

February 2014 Research Scan

Published in 2014

This scan features research on the use of digital technologies by youth and in educational settings, a report on the reasons for the gender gap in reading between boys and girls in Canada, a research project on English-speaking seniors in Quebec, an unpublished report on the development and testing of a health literacy assessment tool, and more.

December 2013 - January 2014 Research Scan

Published in 2014

This scan features Canadian and international reports on results from the PISA survey of 15-year-old students, a study of the formal, informal, non-formal learning and social capital networks of Canadian workers and adult learners, and the development process for and results from the European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EUC).

November 2013 Research Scan

Published in 2013

This monthly scan features recent research on integrated approaches to literacy instruction in Canada and abroad, particularly in the community sector. It also reports on PIAAC results from the United States and Australia.

October 2013 Research Scan

Published in 2013

Featuring reports on initial Canadian and international results from PIAAC, provider and learner response from the PIAAC Online Field Trial in Ontario, a TD Economics report on claims of skilled labour shortages in Canada, an OLES-funded study of performance-based funding (PBF) and application to Essential Skills programs, and more…

Fall Institute 2013 Research Scan: Problem-Solving in a Technology Rich Environment and Related Topics

Published in 2013

This research scan has been prepared for Fall Institute 2013 – Interpreting PIAAC Results: Understanding Competencies of the Future. It is a companion piece to our research scan on PIAAC prepared for Summer Institute 2013. This scan features documents on digital competencies and the PIAAC domain of “Problem-Solving in a Technology-Rich Environment (PS-TRE), tracing the origin of PS-TRE as a specific domain to the 2003 U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress which assessed high school students. It also includes documents and video presentations on the literacy and numeracy domains in PIAAC, as well as the Background Questionnaire. We will add more summaries after the Institute.

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